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29 July 2014

American laws are not in place to protect us dirty Mexicans, ma’am. With that said, I hope the mythical creature we call Justice, graces you with its presence.

To be clear, any company selling you anything, has tried manipulating your emotions. They do it with their signature color, their fonts, their availability or their exclusivity. Don’t be a sucker because it’s everyone that’s trying to make a buck.

sad dino

Image Source: David Elliot via davidelliot.org

LOL, bad luck will likely kill most of us.

Once I got to the part that read “data-mining healthcare information,” I panicked. I love you Google, but you are getting a little clingy. Is this a necessary evil now that our technology has evolved enough to undertake a project like this?

You know where else this happens? In small towns in far off lands that huge corporations have invaded in order to utilize them to improve business. Many organizations love touting the fact that they’re creating jobs and strengthening local foreign economies by adding things like airports (used only to ship their product or raw materials) and jobs (that disappear once the company uses up local resources and moves on). Look beyond the obvious if you want to see reality.

Facebook’s aware of all the chat stand-alones that everyone uses now, right? Loopholes, y’all—find ‘em.