Wednesday Truth


Welfare is the devil.

Welfare is the devil, but the wealthy (no, not you….the really wealthy) depend more so on the State to maintain their lifestyle, than actual poor folk. Seeing as this is the case, why do us Americans insist upon hating “welfare” while we simultaneously let the rich mooch?

Maybe it’s because we’re all deluded enough to think we’re a part of their rich-person club…

Well, guess what…we’re not. We’re the plebeians, y’all. Yes, you with the six figure salary, I’m talkin’ to you. And you, over there living in your fabulous McMansion, I’m lookin’ at you. Even you, double-income family that vacations regularly in the Caribbean, you’re one of us:

The Fiscally Insignificant.

So, how about a little perspective on this beautiful hump day? Check out the video if you’re up for it.

Here’s something cute, with which to cleanse the pallet, once you’re done with the above.

cat cloud

You’re welcome.