The Digital Freaks Can’t Do it Alone


This morning, while I was washing dishes, making myself a cup of coffee and avoiding work, My friend Isabelle sent me a link. She wanted me to look at a video and I wanted a diversion so I saved the link. Once I finished making my coffee and doing the dishes, I sauntered back over to my office and settled in to watch this welcomed distraction.

star trek reaction nod

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I was excited to see that this video was just as funny as my friend had promised it would be. Beyond that, though, it was honest. I was instantly glad she’d shared it with me once it was over. I was also excited to see that I wasn’t the only one freaking out about net neutrality becoming a thing of the past.

You see, I reside here on the internet and I know that net neutrality is critical to keeping the information flowing freely. The problem is, not everyone is aware of that, or if they’re aware, they don’t think it affects them. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be father from the truth. Letting the government give the cable companies their way on this, will cause a ripple effect. That ripple will eventually restrict all that we do online and that right there, is some serious shit.

The truth is, us digital freaks can no longer fight this battle alone. We need you regular folks that go outside more often, to help us. The FCC needs to hear from you. If you love your digital freedom, you should let the FCC know.

How to Help:

 Step 1 – Watch this video to understand what the fuck I’m talking about.

Step 2 – Let the FCC know you want to save the internet.

You can do that here:
and here: