The FBI Says it’s Cool


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Today, while I sipped my coffee and waded through the morning news, I noticed this rather comical item:

FBI Weighs Looser Pot Rules for New Hires –



By 9 A.M. Pacific time, I’d observed that media outlets far and wide were beginning to post about the FBI trying to hire super 1337 hackers. The operative word here is ‘trying.’ The comedy in this situation comes in the form of an HR nightmare, which makes the news that much more delightful. It seems the one obstacle the feds can’t overcome in this hiring process, is finding anyone elite enough, who isn’t also a stoner.


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Don’t you just love poetic justice?


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In response to this federal dilemma the Internet exhaled a cloud of smoke and uttered,

“That’s what you get. Now, legalize it!”

 (At least that’s how it went, in my head.)


UPDATED Friday, 23 MAY 2014: 

James Comey: I Was Just Kidding About Hiring Pot Smokers To Work At The FBI –



  1. are you dyslexic? Honestly, because could being mixed up with cloud is easily explained if so.,