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Mount Rushmore Edition

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(Image courtesy of my husband’s cell phone.)

I was sitting in my living room just now, T.V. on in the background, cat all stretched out on the ottoman, bulldog laying on the rug and chihuahua snuggling on the couch. As I surveyed my furry family, it occurred to me that it’s almost been a year that I packed these three goobers up into my Prius and hauled their asses along with my husband’s across an entire nation, a large one at that. Three thousand miles with one husband, two dogs and a cat in my car, it was intense.

Several days into our cross-country journey, our nerves were on edge and we were ready to crash somewhere for a good and long night’s sleep. We decided we’d stop in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore to be exact. We were determined to build some fun into our trip; we didn’t want the whole thing to consist of tedious driving. My husband and I are nerds so we were totally psyched to see Mt. Rushmore, but we didn’t know if we’d make it with all three pets in tact.


By the time we rolled into the hotel entrance, everyone was on everyone else’s last nerve.  We all just wanted to rest in a space that would allow for some walking. Sitting in a car for hours on end will make you crazy, I don’t care who you are. There is no audio book in this world good enough to take the edge off a cross-country drive with Animal Farm in your back seat.

I dedicate today’s Gif of the Day to our cat. She went completely apeshit, but she made it to the Mount Rushmore parking lot and ultimately the promise land, California. You’re one of the good ones, Cat.

Cheers to you.

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