The Devil Inside (2012) – Movie Review




We start out this ride with a fairly creepy 911 call.  It’s 1989 and Maria Rossi (Suzan Crowley) has just called the cops to let them know she’s murdered some folks.  So far so good, right?  I’d like to tell you it’s all going to pan out, but it’s not.  This film dissolves into a hot mess faster than Kim Kardashian can cash a check.

The main character of this film is Isabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade), Maria’s daughter.  She’s working with an amateur film crew making a documentary of sorts.

It’s trite and it only gets worse.

Isabella wants to visit her mother in Italy.   She needs to find out what happened that day in 1989 when her mother killed those people.  In Italy, Isabella meets two young exorcists that offer to evaluate her mother and determine if she’s really possessed or just criminally insane.

The plot thickens when something goes terribly awry during the young exorcist’s highly scientific examination of Maria Rossi.  Cue every exorcism-movie cliché you’ve ever seen and you’ve got the rest of the movie in a nutshell.

I don’t even know where to begin with this film.  If the actors aren’t portraying cardboard-bland personalities, they’re emotional messes on the brink of insanity.  There’s no nuance to be had with any of these performances.  Not surprisingly, the writing isn’t any better.  The dialogue is sometimes laughable, but never in a good Night-of-the-Living-Dead kind of way.

And then there’s the ending.  This is probably one of the worst endings to a movie you’ll see in modern times.  It makes no sense and is just, for lack of a better word, stupid.  Maybe it’s a pathetic homage to the late 90s horror revival, I can’t be sure.  What I do know is that you should save your hard-earned cash and skip this the next time you’re looking for something to do.

The Devil Inside (2012) – D-

D- = There may be a few minutes in this film that are kind of entertaining, but don’t bother.  It’s not worth your time.  If you see it on cable, change the channel; you’ll get more out of an enticing infomercial.