Why the Lie?


So I’m confused as to why the internet keeps trying to tell me that this image:

several hundred thousand jams the deck of the Golden Gate Bridge

…is an image of a rally in San Francisco that was held to support justice for Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old that was killed when George Zimmerman, the local neighborhood-watch guy spotted him, followed him, confronted him, ended up in a fight with him and then shot him dead.

The image above was published in The Guardian on Friday,  25 May 2012. This picture is image 6 in the slide show entitled:

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary – in pictures

I don’t think tricking people into supporting your cause is cool, guys. Even if it’s for a good cause, it doesn’t look good. My husband made an excellent point while I was discussing this with him earlier.  He said, “Instead of lying about the picture, they should use it as a call to action.” I agree whole-heartedly.

If 300,000 people can organize and gather to wish a bridge a happy birthday, they can most certainly come together to ask Florida to check itself before it wrecks itself.

justice for trevon

Be peaceful in your protests folks, don’t let us prove them right.