Remember Grandpa?


Remember a while back when I posted about Grandpa? His daughter took away the home he built and Grandpa had to raise 125k in order to buy it back.  Well his granddaughter Jaclyn stepped up and helped him get more than 125k in donations via  They still had to make an offer to buy the house back and so they did that.  After the offer they waited and waited.

Well guess what, I got an email update and here’s a snapshot of what it said:


Yep, that man’s daughter and that girl’s mother, Janice just turned down Grandpa’s offer. What a malicious thing to do. No words people, no words.

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I wonder if Janice and Dean would be homeless and destitute if she lost that home.  I suspect having 125k in cash would be helpful in that kind of situation.  I guess wanting to live out the last of your years in the home you built, is too much to ask.

It is precisely at times like these, when it stings most to know that some people will never ever get their comeuppance.


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Friday – 12 JUL 2013


And, correction!  Grandpa and his people didn’t offer the full 125k to Janice and Dean (current homeowners). Grandpa & Jaclyn offered current market value for the home first.  Upon refusal of that first offer, they came back at approximately 20% over market, they were again refused.

Jaclyn posted the following update to her page:

I do have an update on our Grandpa. Our court dates have been set! Thursday, October 3rd for jury selection and Friday, October 4th for the actual hearing.

The great news is we have three more months to have some peace and relax in the house. We have three months to hope and pray that Janice and Dean will sell the house back to Grandpa. We have three more months to gather strength. WE HAVE THREE MORE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-End Update-

There now also appears to be some mudslinging going on. Check out Grandpa’s Facebook page for information on that.  I’ll update as I get the info.

Keep those fingers crossed folks.