How Dare You?


How dare you


So I’m trolling the social mediaverse, ‘cause that’s pretty much my job now, when a friend posted something that got me thinking.  Essentially, he was expressing his exasperation at the devolution of Hollywood.  How dare they remake Red Dawn….I refuse to watch the 2012 edition, he said.

How dare they indeed, old friend: Total Recall, Foot Loose, The Karate Kid and, with the Goonies remake on the horizon, there seems to be no end in sight.

Movie Fight

Granted the bottom line is always the bottom line and greed is good and all that, but as the recent presidential election has shown, We the People, will gang up on anyone who threatens our way of life.

Moviegoers, we simply can’t go on accepting less than what we deserve. You wouldn’t advise a friend to settle for less, so why do it yourself?  Hollywood will continue to make cheap imitations of the real thing as long as there’s a market for them.  If we destroy that market they will have no choice but to reevaluate and improve.  We can do this.  Together.


Change is what it’s about. If you want things to change, you have no choice but to change.  Don’t throw your money away on a bunch of people who are just repackaging the same old shit and shoving it back under your nose hoping for a bite. People and even entire industries have prospered because they’ve had to adjust their formula. Letting Hollywood make the same movies over and over again because it’s fast, because it’s easy and because it’s cheap and then paying to see them is just enablement.

Additionally, there’s a lot to be said about desecrating a classic…

Ecce Homo restoration

Sometimes it works out and a re-make is just as good as the original like with Father of the Bride.   More often than not, however, the remake lacks the magic the original brought to the table like with the Karate Kid staring Jackie Chan.

We drop a good bit of money into the movie-making machine and we deserve a return on our investments. It turns out that my friend was right.  We have no choice but to force innovation.

currency power

So, when someone asks you if you want to go with them to see the remake of Red Dawn, tell them that you don’t want to insult Patrick Swayze.  Hold out for a better deal.  You go on and wield the last little bit of power you have in your pocketbook.  Let them know you’re not going down without a fight.


Dear Hollywood,

You’re threatening my way of life.  I know you think I haven’t noticed, but I have.  You’re just not trying anymore  and lately, you’ve even resorted to tricking me into spending money on you.  You’re nothing, but a gold-digging whore.  We have to break up.

Kind Regards,